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Miralta Capital L.P.

A Canadian Emerging Technology Fund.

The Fund, a limited partnership for Canadian investors, was formed on September 27, 2007 with a view towards continuing Miralta’s tradition of successful investing in emerging technology. Typically, we invest from $2 to $10 Million in companies where the general partner of the Fund believes there are solid growth prospects.

The Fund draws on Miralta’s decades of experience, deal generating network, and demonstrated skills in engineering profitable exits. Investments are made over a range of sectors and draw on Miralta’s specialized expertise in information and industrial technologies, clean energy, manufacturing, and communications services.

Investments are in the form of common equity, quasi-equity, convertible debt and/or debt investments designed to earn investment returns through long-term capital appreciation consistent with Miralta’s historical performance.

The general partner of the Fund is Miralta Advisors Inc., owned by Altacap II Inc., the manager of the Fund. The sole shareholders of Altacap II Inc. are holdcos owned by Eric Baker, Chris Winn and Tom Kaneb.

Miralta believes that its balanced approach to emerging technology will have a number of advantages over its competitors in the private equity market. These include:

  • A 30-year track record of successful investing;
  • A mix of operating, financial and exit experience in both private and public equities unique in the Canadian market;
  • A pro-active value-added management style;
  • A complementary and experienced management team;
  • A high-quality deal flow;
  • The ability to invest in multiple industries, thereby providing greater opportunities and diversification; and
  • A proven ability to generate co-investment opportunities for limited partners.


Ignis Innovation Inc.
In January 2008, the Fund completed its first investment in Ignis Innovation Inc. (“Ignis”), a company that owns proprietary and patented technology to enable OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) flat panel displays - the next generation of displays that are expected to supplant LCDs as the dominant display technology.