The Miralta management team believes that Canada has a healthy economy, solid fiscal policy, and a strong currency and will continue to be an attractive country in which to invest. With significant fiscal incentives for research and development in Canada, there will be many opportunities created for entrepreneurs, and therefore growth capital.

Miralta’s long-proven and successful investment strategy is based on identifying companies in well understood industry sectors that have:

  • a new business model or technology that can produce superior growth;
  • high growth potential in an expanding sector with potential worldwide sales opportunities; and
  • an excellent management team;

Miralta’s investment style means that we will:

  • hold significant investments in each investee company such that the Fund has a meaningful influence over the direction of the company;
  • ensure that there are adequate structural protections and that the General Partner is sufficiently comfortable with the other investment partners;
  • diversify investments across industry sectors so as to limit exposure to any individual industry;
  • ensure that the management teams of portfolio companies are provided with incentive structures that encourage superior performance;
  • phase the deployment of capital to ensure the maintenance of good business discipline;
  • concentrate on growing sales as well as managerial and operational improvements;
  • aggressively grow businesses internally and through acquisitions where appropriate;
  • help the portfolio company use its balance sheet to prudently lever third party investments so as to ensure maximum return on invested capital; and
  • exit the investment through trade sales or IPOs, when the investee company and market conditions are ripe for such a transaction.